Topic sentences and their role in the essay writing process - Helping Guide

The topic sentence is defined as a sentence that identifies and explains the main idea of the sentence. It has not always to be a sentence but it can also be a set of two sentences that can communicate the main idea of the text that is written. It is one of the most important parts of an essay and any other academic writing because, without a topic sentence, the complete meaning cannot be communicated "essay writer". One of the most common questions that are asked by students is, “what is a topic sentence” because of the significance it has in the text and how it can help a student adhere to the major and the actual setting and pattern of writing an essay. There are some simple and important steps that are important to be followed to ensure that your topic sentence is well written and it communicates all the required details.

1-State the main idea

Firstly, you need to state the main idea. It will help you come up with a clear understanding of the aims that you are looking to fulfill in your writing. While you are stating the main idea, it is simply important to announce the topic that you are writing such as, “environmental science”

2-Balance between specific and general ideas

Now, it is important to balance the ideas between the secondary and the primary importance. It means that you need to share the central argument while being referenced to the broader point of view. It will help you come up with the general statement having both, the central and the broader argument.

3-Hook your readers

While you are writing a topic sentence, it is important to draw the attention of readers toward you. It requires you to come up with questions that you think you need to answer while writing that piece of information. You can hook your reader even by describing the characters or by using a specific dialogue that can attract the attention of the reader.

4-Give your opinion

The topic must have a tint of your opinion because you are not going to write all the paragraphs while being stuck to the research you have done. You will only be able to write the topic sentence once you will be sure and confirmed the essence of the stamen and if you have the knowledge to take a critical look at everything. Giving your opinion will help to write a more content-oriented topic sentence


While writing a topic sentence, make yourself sure that an essay cannot be written without transition. It would not be wrong to say that transition is the only thing that adds to the meaning of the essay and it attracts the readers. So, it is important to give due to importance to the transition in the paragraphs because it is important to make sure you have researched, you can add transition by using “in contrast”, and “in general” or “in addition” etc.

Planning to write a topic sentence

If you are planning to write a topic sentence, then it is important to take yourself clear that a topic sentence can never be written out of nothing. It is more like the crux of the essay so it should be written in such a way that there are clear dimensions to what you are writing. So there are some simple ideas that you need to follow while you are planning to write a topic sentence.

1-Write an outline

Before writing a topic sentence, it will be better if you will write an outline. It will help you come up with a detailed analysis of the topic and the information that you need to add to come up with a well-packed statement. After completing the outline, you need to identify 4-5 pints that are the actual context of the outline. It will help you know all the main points that can make the actual framework of your essay.

2-Differentiate between the thesis statement and topic sentence

However, before writing the topic sentence, you need to make yourself clear about the difference between the thesis statement and the actual topic sentence. The thesis statement is a shortened statement that describes the ambition of the text while a topic sentence will show what an individual is trying to say and it is a shortened version of the abstract that can show what are the goals achieved in the text and how things are all done.

3-Follow academic rules of writing

Now, while writing the topic sentence, you need to write while following all the rules of writing. Some significant rules are, you need to be clear in your writing, and all the major points should flow. Then, you should have a clear understanding of the words so that you don’t write more wordy statements. One of the most common examples of a perfect topic sentence is “Poverty is one of the most pervasive issues in the world. 

According to PEW research in 2018, it is found that poverty is a significant issue that is affecting almost 1/3rd of the population and no significant approach is found so far that can help to address this issue or the root cause of this issue "essay writing service". Following these steps, you will not only be able to write good topic sentences but you will be able to clearly differentiate between the topic stances and their hook statements.